AutomotivePlus is a training and consultancy firm that operates inside the automotive industry. We deliver solutions that improve your operating result. Our secret? To truly understand what the real question is. With full focus on the learning objective. We make sure it works.


Our Team

AutomotivePlus consists of a powerful combination of independent automotive trainers, coaches and consultants with diverse personalities and skills. What binds us? We like to work together and enjoy the development of people. And we are only satisfied when we have really added value.

Paul van Dijck

Paul van Dijck is focused on results. He establishes the connection between the daily process and what this has to deliver.

Willem Roeloffzen

Willem Roeloffzen wants to activate humans and organizations

Rob Folmer

Rob Folmer is master in systems, processes, logistics and legislation. And translates this in an understandable way.

Herbert Westeneng

Herbert Westeneng encourages you to work on a controlled process with more professional knowledge. This gives peace of mind, pleasure and satisfied customers.

Paul van de Ven

Paul van de Ven is our king of didactics. He teaches you how to use a brand or product for commercial success.

Sietse Vellema

Sietse Vellema is happy about the transfer of knowledge. He uses 25 years of operational experience to help service advisors get up and running...

Patrick Köhler

Patrick Köhler provides the fire under individual performance: he makes you self-confident, so that you get the best out of yourself.

Our Services


Training is giving people energy. We always try to find work methods that surprise, but with a view to the desired learning result. For us, the biggest compliment is when participants enthusiastically tell their colleagues how much fun the training was.


Coaching is not about giving answers, but about asking the right questions. We help the coachee to reframe his question. So that he himself discovers the solution. And that often comes from a different angle than expected.


There was a time when consultancy was about giving advise. But which self-thinking person is still following an advice? The literal meaning of consulting is ‘deliberate’. By deliberating, you redefine your case. This creates different thinking patterns and new insights that lead to the final solution.


With the AutomotivePlus Dealer Simulation, employees and department heads of dealerships learn that it is not easy to get a dealer company to make a profit. They gain a realistic insight into the financial accounting and revenue model of the company they work for.

Open-ended talk or online demonstration?

Our Customers

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