Powerful bundling

Our team consists of specialists who complement each other. We do what we are good at. What connects us? We like to work together and get pleasure out of developing people. We are only satisfied when we have really added value.

Our team

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Rob Folmer

+31 (0)6-27016944

“Characteristic about our training courses is that they are, without exception, demonstrably profitable. The participant goes home with the tools to earn more, or to make fewer costs for his employer.”

“I train to give people more insight. To make them think. To transform difficult matter into practical and understandable knowledge. To engage the adventurer inside of them. Because once they are travellers on their voyage of discovery, they expand their knowledge and skills. I do not act as an omniscient oracle, but create the right learning conditions. In addition to providing training, I also advise Rijkswaterstaat in the field of legislation for heavy trucks. ”

Call Rob about:

  • insight into laws and regulations
  • making guarantee regulations understandable
  • improvement of the operating result in the logistics field
  • improvement of service management
  • more understanding of IT systems
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Paul van de Ven

+31 (0)6-54687387

“Facilitating the learning process makes this work worthwhile for me. Each group is different, every project is different, and I think it’s a challenge to shape this successfully again and again. Training means thinking and acting with the participants in mind. I love to inspire people, challenge them and push their boundaries.”

“It’s fascinating to experience how the learning process works. For me a training is successful if existing patterns have been broken, among participants, but also among clients! That starts with equal partnership.”

Call Paul about:

  • inspiring, innovative and successful product launches
  • more results in additional services, such as insurance or extended warranty
  • increase customer satisfaction or parts sales
  • successful implementation of improvement projects at management level
  • devising and shaping new training projects
  • a good conversation about effective training
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Paul van Dijck

+31 (0)6-25025697

“Result. That’s what I’m doing this work. It is nice when people learn something. But it is even better if people come to a truly different insight. With this, they add new energy to the team, the organization and the operating result.”

“The connection between man and result is magical. People produce the result, but often overlook the connection between themselves and the result. As soon as they realize what their role is, something beautiful and sustainable is born. By focusing on the role of the employees in the process during training, coaching or consultancy, the result follows almost automatically.”

Call Paul about:

  • improving performance in a department
  • improvement of the operating result
  • training, coaching or consultancy
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Patrick Kohler

+31 (0)6-83654958

“The best thing about the profession? To bring out the potential and strength of people and connect them to the needs of the organization. That is only possible in one way: with people-oriented, result-driven, tailor-made training courses.”

“During a training or coaching project, I am out to surprise people positively. Only by taking them out of their comfort zone in a pleasant way, there is room to learn. That way, it is possible to create shifts in values, beliefs and skills.”

Call Patrick about:

  • training in authentic and personal leadership
  • training in communication psychology (for example the art of affluence, customer-oriented communication)
  • training in resilience and assertiveness
  • sales training and product introduction training
  • life coaching, to get the best out of yourself and your life
  • career coaching, if you are struggling with difficult career questions
  • performance & business coaching, to get the most out of your business
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Willem Roeloffzen

+31 (0)6-24511891

“Trust people and the direction you choose and enjoy the journey! A powerful and clear vision and strategy lets people connect, trust generates space to excel, positivity generates energy. Together they let the organization flourish.”

“During coaching, consultancy or interim trajectories I create as people-oriented strategist a positive and secure environment that enables staff members and the organization to grow, be creative and (re)find directions.

Call Willem for:

  • coaching, consultancy or interim management
  • performance & business coaching, to get the maximum out of people and businesses
  • interim management to optimize your organization, temporary command your organization or execute projects
  • analysis, plan of action and implementing improvement processes on organization or departmental level
  • modelling, implementing and reorganizing of development programs
  • international programs; multi-lingual (english, german, spanish) with a sixth sense for cultural differences in people and company


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Herbert Westeneng

+31 (0)6-10438247

“Substantive knowledge and clear processes are the foundation for optimal customer contact. Changing along with the innovations in your field is important, but also quite a challenge if you are busy every day. In my role as a consultant, I am focused on helping employees while they are fully operational. An effective way of transferring knowledge that ultimately leads to better process control and brings more peace to the team. You radiate that tranquility to customers as a team.

It’s nice to see when people can deal with new systems and processes. It is even better if employees come up with additional ideas themselves. My goal is to encourage employees to convert new knowledge into increased effectiveness and more job satisfaction!”

Call Herbert for:

  • Process coaching and consultancy
  • Service process Optimization
  • Development of body repair processes
  • Warranty management
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+31 (0)6-52606375

“Transferring knowledge, I think that’s a nice profession. As a trainer-coach I use my experience to train new service advisors. I teach them to apply procedures and familiarize them with the systems.

In this way a good foundation is laid. And it brings the new employee to the controls more quickly.”

“With the right guidance you can bring new employees to professional maturity in a short time. If they’re having a good time, they’re more likely to stay.”

“In addition to providing training, I help dealers get their workshop and warranty administration in order. For example, in the event of staff loss.”

Call Sietse for:

  • Training new service employees
  • Assistance in operating service systems
  • Advice on service processes

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