How do we ensure that our people work efficiently?

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How do we ensure that our people work efficiently?

The assignment: Ensure that our people actually apply efficient and customer-oriented work processes within our dealer organization. Aim: time saving and therefore more attention for the customer.

The result: The prejudice ‘theoretically this fits well, but in practice this won’t work’ we took away by taking charge. By ensuring that everyone knows the process and actually does it. We did this with a sophisticated combination of resources, decision makers, broad approach, training, consultancy, coaching, certification and assurance. Offices now work in a way that they themselves did not think possible.

The results within 9 months: </ em>

  • Total Effectiveness WPL (Effect X Prod.) increased from 95% to 101% </ em> </ li>
  • Clarity about the division of tasks and the work processes to be followed </ em> </ li>
  • Improvement culture within the team </ em> </ li>
  • Customers experience more attention and transparency (CSI / NPS increase of 9%) </ em> </ li>
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