How do we get our sellers excited?

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How do we get our sellers excited?

The assignment: The Suzuki sales consultants were not very enthusiastic about the new Suzuki Baleno prior to the introductory training. They had seen the car on the website and newsletters. The car was disappointing on the basis of the photos and images (2D). But from the moment they saw the Suzuki Baleno in real (3D), the enthusiasm increased rapidly. How do we ensure that the sellers convey their enthusiasm to the customer?

The result: The Market and Customer workshop revolved around awareness and creativity. The most important awareness: the customer starts from the same 2D information as the sellers at the basis of his purchasing process. So how can you tempt the customer to a 3D or even 4D Suzuki Baleno experience?

All sales consultants thought very creatively about the first titillating impression. Striking about their ideas: the best solutions cost little money. They mainly ask for guts, pro-activity and insight into where the customer can best be reached … and that is rarely in the showroom.

All ideas were collected after the last workshop of the last training day and offered to the Marketing Director of NIMAG. He received all ideas proudly, with the promise to share them with the complete sales guild of Suzuki in the Netherlands.

“The workshop was different than usual and therefore much nicer.”
Experienced Suzuki sales advisor

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