How do we make brand ambassadors from employees?

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How do we make brand ambassadors from employees?

The assignment: Why do we exist? What experience do we want to offer customers? Where do we come from? Where are we standing right now? Where are we going? What is the role of employees in this? Which behavior suits our brands? Ensure that all new employees with direct customer contact know what our organization and our brands stand for. With Fun and Passion as the center of the training.

The result: To experience the power of a warm welcome yourself is the best training. That is why we organized a welcome training that exceeded the expectations of the employees. Organization, brands and car models presented themselves to the trainees, including car trips. The director recorded a welcome film and employees received a welcome gift. With brand experience as a key.

“Educational, wonderful experience, I really feel welcome and I now understand why. Super.”</ Em>
Participant training </ em>

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